Best implementation practices for meeting new C-TPAT requirements.

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What's in the C-TPAT certification toolkit?


C-TPAT Minimum Security Criteria Revision: Insights and Analysis

This 15-page analysis of Customs and Border Protection's C-TPAT anti-terrorism program is a step-by-step walk through of all changes plus new requirements for cybersecurity-related risks, new agricultural products requirements and the new approach to the vision of border security and its new responsibilities for importers who still need priority customs services .


The New C-TPAT Criteria – How Companies Can Adapt to the Changes

This on-demand webinar will provide guidance on the C-TPAT revision for companies that are new to the program, typical improvement areas for mature supply chain security programs and an in-depth discussion on each of the new major areas of the criteria including Security responsibilities, cybersecurity and agricultural security.


SAFETY Act: A Great Benefit of C-TPAT Membership

The SAFETY Act caps potential liability at a readily-insurable level (that most companies already carry), and customers of a SAFETY Act-covered company can be shielded from terrorism-related liability – a powerful marketing tool. This on-demand webinar covers how to apply for and reap the benefits of SAFETY Act coverage from companies who have been through the process.


BCI Horizon Scan Report 2020: An examination of the risk landscape for resilience professionals

Amid the Covid-19 breakout, this report shows the value of a conducting a periodic sweep of events around the world, and comparing the against the organization’s response strategies and preparedness, including unexpected opportunities. If the scan reveals a new or unexpected threat, it’s a strong incentive to examine organization’s capacity to respond competently novel hazards.


March 26, 2020 Webinar:Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Mitigating supply chain risks

Join BSI's live webinar where our supply chain intelligence and business continuity experts will discuss, in a panel format, the larger conversation surrounding the impact from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The panel will address how to mitigate risks and threats to your supply chain, and plan for the future in the event that another pandemic like COVID-19 spreads.


BSI SCREEN: Supply Chain Risk Insights

Take a look at the current BSI SCREEN report on supply chain risks, and receive an updated version shortly. Besides the specific overarching traditional areas of risk (political unrest, changing economic and governmental regulatory conditions, etc.), the report provides insights into changing structural issues illustrated in the updated C-TPAT Minimum Security Criteria such as a the combination of traditional physical security with cybersecurity and human factors (including increasing insider risks, demands for more corporate accountability and the need for increased training and awareness).

Key implementation elements of the revised C-TPAT Program for importers

What do you have to do to be compliant with C-TPAT security criteria to stay in the program?

  • Demonstrate your organization is changing and adapting to new supply chain security challenges based on your individual risk profile
  • Institute cross-functional teams, including representatives of all relevant departments
  • Comply with unified cybersecurity procedures including evidence of safeguard implementation and an expanded core requirement to establish an information sharing mechanism with Customs and Border Patrol (CBP)
  • Respond to the increasing efforts by CBP to coordinate with other food and drug-related government agencies such as FDA and USDA
  • Categorize and score new CBP security requirements as either “musts” or “shoulds” in deciding how your resources must be allocated

Implementing your C-TPAT Program

Phase: How BSI Can Help:
►Gap Assessments ►BSI will develop the policies and procedures needed to comply with the new C-TPAT requirements.
►Program Development ►BSI’s advisors will assess the current state of your C-TPAT program and provide recommendations to achieve or maintain certification.
►Training ►BSI’s training courses cover all competencies required by C-TPAT.
►Pre-Validation Assistance ►BSI’s C-TPAT pre-validation assistance includes a mock validation to prepare employees at the site and recommendations to handle issues that may occur during validation or re-validation.

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